Tara Talks: What Am I Running From Right Now? (3:56 min)

Tara shares a dear friend’s end-of-life insights on how every one of us has something we’re running from. It’s when we start recognizing what we’re resisting that we can re-enter the flow.

"When we're on our way to what's next, trying to get the next pleasure or avoid a problem, we're running away. The U-Turn is the willingness to look: What's Here? What am I running away from? What am I unwilling to feel? It directs us back to what Pema Chodron calls the "soft spot" - that vulnerability - that actually, when we bring presence to it, is a portal to open hearted awareness. We feel like we've come home..."

“What is it that allows us to open our hearts to every moment of our life? It’s the remembrance that it’s passing and it’s precious.”

For Tara's full talk, go to:  https://www.tarabrach.com/reality-change/

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